Control everything from a single user interface.

Whether it’s an in-wall touch panel, a smart phone, or a tablet we enable control over all of your home sub-systems from a single screen.

The menu looks and feels the same across all devices that control the system. Once you’ve learned to use one device you’ve already learned how to use them all.


Robust climate control from home and away.

Access up to 64 thermostats from anywhere. Set an energy saving schedule for when you’re away and make the house more comfortable before coming home.

Automate scheduling based on time of day and home/away. Hands free automation makes your home smart.


Fast and easy Audio/Video control.

Control of audio and video components is simple. Choose a room, then select what you want to watch or listen to. One touch source selection for whole home audio and media rooms.

Listen to the streaming services you love including Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and many more. See all of your stations and album art on control devices such as touch panels, smart phones, or tablets.


Surveillance video for safety and convenience.

View cameras from any touch panel, smart phone, or tablet. Check in on your home when you’re away. Record and review the footage with a network video recorder.

Front door and gate controllers feature IP cameras and two-way intercom. See and talk to uninvited guests before you let them in.


Energy efficient pool and spa integration.

Pool and spa systems are a huge consumer of energy. Make your pool more energy efficient by setting schedules to maximize energy efficiency when not in use.

With access to the spa controls from inside the house, you can adjust the set points well before you’re ready to get in. You can even set the temperature before you leave for home so that you’ll know it’s ready when you are. Decrease cost while increasing comfort.