Elan Programming & System Updates

We are the superior Elan programming option. Hourly programming time can be used to add new components or to resolve existing issues. Core module updates can be purchased at a flat rate.

Elan Programming Software

We’re coming across more and more homeowners that have a copy of the Elan g! programming software, which we think is great. While our dealer agreement strictly prohibits us from distributing the software, we have no qualms about doing your programming in a shared screen so that you can watch the magic happen and maybe learn a little bit along the way. Please note, that this will generally add additional time to the programming session, but you might find it valuable. We also suggest having us backup your system so that it can always be restored to the point where we finished out programming tasks.

Elan Core Module Updates

If you are purchasing a core module update, please read the following very carefully. Prior to updating your system, we will make a backup of your current configuration and core module. We will then apply the update to run your system on the latest core module. However, please be aware that new updates can sometimes break old integration. There is always a risk that something which was working before will no longer work afterwards. While this isn’t common, please know that this is always a risk when updating your core module.

In that case that integration is broken after a core module update, there are options available to you. The recommended option would be to purchase additional programming hours to rectify the situation on the new version. It is also recommended to purchase additional programming hours if you are looking to add new features after the update. If you choose to forego the additional hours, we will restore the backup we made prior to the core module update at no cost. Although restoring the system after a bad update is included in the price, there are no refunds when you choose this option.

Programming Hours Details

Programming hours include consultation time as well. Some of the programming hours will be spent go over what you need, and some time will be spent figuring out how your system is connected. To make the most out of your programming hours, we recommend that you send us an email with the relevant information pertaining to your system. This would include equipment model numbers, input/output lists, and ip addresses. Also be sure to include a detailed description of what you are looking to accomplish. We can help you ascertain any information that you do not already know.

Please note that if you choose to follow along in the programming because you have a copy of the Elan g! programming software that additional programming time will be consumed setting up a screen share and answering any questions that you have.

Unused Programming Hours

With the exception of system updates, the smallest increment of programming time that can be purchased is one hour. If you have additional time remaining after your programming is complete the remaining hours will be kept on file for you to lose at a later date. Elan system programming time is not refundable.