Lutron Radio Ra 2 Design & Programming

We offer system design and programming of Lutron systems for new construction Radio RA 2 projects.

Lighting System Design

The amount that you pay is only an estimate. You will be billed at $11.25 per device that is specified. We will only specify devices in rooms that you tell us to, and in a manner that is consistent with what you are looking to acheive. If when we receive your plans we think that it will be more than 10% short, we will ask for additional payment. If you do not wish to make this payment, you will receive a full refund. After the design is complete, you will be invoiced for any additional devices, or issued a refund for any excess.

Lighting system design comes with 3 minor revisions. If a substantial amount of devices are to be added in a revision, additional payment will be required and at the same rate.

Lutron lighting system design only comes with support to clarify documents and or locations on the layouts. The documents alone should be enough to complete the installation, but if you believe we are in error or need help deciphering something we are happy to engage. Additional support can be purchased at the hourly rate above.

If you purchase the devices from us we will provide unlimited support until the job is complete. We also include programming until the initial programming is fully validated or there has been enough opportunity to do so.

Lutron RadioRA 2 Software

We do require that you have a copy of the Lutron RadioRA 2 software, and that your system is less than 90 devices. The software can easily be obtained by taking a training course at my lutron, which is an online self paced class that takes several hours. If you do not wish to do this, or if you have more than 90 devices on your system, we will mail you a small PC with the software already installed. A deposit is required, and it will be password protected to prevent removal of the software.

Programming Hours Details

Programming hours include consultation time as well. Some of the programming hours will be spent go over what you need, and some time will be spent figuring out how your system is connected. To make the most out of your programming hours, we recommend that you send us an email with the relevant information pertaining to your system, including what you wish to accomplish.

Unused Programming Hours

The smallest increment of programming time that can be purchased is one hour. If you have additional time remaining after your programming is complete the remaining hours will be kept on file for you to lose at a later date. Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting system programming time is not refundable.