Elan Service

We service hundreds of Elan systems, many of which we inherited as a result of a previous dealer who could not resolve design flaws.

We are the the superior choice, with more experience, more knowledge, and a better fundamental understanding of networks and IP based systems.

Let’s give your system a fresh take.

System Evaluations

The goal of a system evaluation is to take stock of what you currently have and to make a punchlist of service items and updates. It is to acheive a broad overview of system components and system functionality. At the end of the evaluation, we may make recommendations for some onsite diagnostic time to perform more precise troubleshooting.

Offsite evaluations are limited to 1 hour. It is best to have your system name and password available in advance.

First Site Visit

The first site visit is limited to two hours without incurring additional costs. After the first two hours, regular labor rates will apply ($125/hr). If available, prepaid hours will be used instead of the regular labor rate.

Prepaid Labor Hours

Prepaid labor hours are kept on file, and any time spent on your project will be billed against these prepaid labor hours. This includes service administratered remotely as well, including diagnostic and troubleshooting while logged into your system remotly.

When using prepaid hours, there is no fee for a site visit, but all site visits that are less than 90 minutes will be rounded up to 90 minutes.

Prepaid hours are not refundable. Unused hours will be left on file for use in the future.