Cutomized Smart home Layouts

We create layouts to help you prewire your smart home system using our guide. You can also submit the plans we make to multiple local dealers to make sure you get the best price.

Generic Layouts

Send us the plans to your home and we will layout a smart home system based on our typical client wishlist. Using our DIY Prewire Guide for Structured Cabling you should be able to take this pre-wire to completion. It will generally include the following:

Whole Home Audio System
One or More Surround Sound Zones
Alottments for In-Wall Controls
Wireless Networking Prewire
Control Wiring for Various Smart Features
Cable TV & Telephone Structured Cabling

Customized Layouts

The customized layouts include everything that the generic layouts include, but it allows for a 1 hour consultation prior to marking up your plans. During this conversation we will generate a wishlist of all possible items you wish to include so that you may prepare for them. If you have special features like a front entry gate, pool or irrigation system control, or have particular devices in mind, this is the recommended package.

Customized Layouts plus Wiring Notation

This package includes everything that the standard customized layouts package includes, but after the layouts are complete we will go back and include notation for the wiring. We will put call outs on the print that will reference the wires pulled to that location and to what location they are pulled.


No packages include system design. This means that we will not put together a system with a scope of work or bill of materials. This is a different service that we offer, and it is different from prewire layouts. The prewire layouts are intended to wire your house for what you might want, leaving you flexible for many different types of actual installations. If you are interested in system design please contact us.

Lighting system design and layout are also not included. This is also a separate service and another one that we would be happy to perform. In fact, we can lay everything out on the same plan.

Security system wiring is not included due to state licensing requirements.

Please note that we are working hard to also provide purchase links for system design and lighting design packages. For updates on these services, please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page.