Custom Designed Networks

If you’re here, chances are that you’ve tried an out of the box solution that just doesn’t quite work as advertised.

We don’t sell boxed solutions. We visit the site, take stock of the challenges, and design a system that performs flawlessly no matter how difficult the environment.

Our job is not complete until we exceed the expectations we set at our site survey.

How do we do it?

Better wired Foundation

We remove the bottle necks preventing gigabit+ internet speeds. Our switch stacks have link speeds of 10+ GB/s. We can extend this to gaming PC’s too.

Wired Backhauls

Wiring an access point significantly increases speed and reliability. We can usually find older wire to repurpose that will provide gigabit+ speeds. We can also run new wire.

Pure 6 GHZ Mesh

When a mesh network is required, we use dedicated wireless 6G backhauls to the nearest wired device. Isolating the backhaul radio doubles speed.

Measureable Results

We measure to make sure there is a 25+ dB SNR at each location of interest to ensure adaquate coverage. If additional coverage is required we will make it happen.