convert & Upgrade RA2 to Ra3

We will upgrade your existing Radio RA2 system to work on the Radio RA3 platform. Upgrading to Radio RA3 does not require replacing existing switches and dimmer. Everything is done remotely by internet and UPS.

How it works:

After purchasing the RA2 to RA3 upgrade, you will be first be sent a mini PC. Connect this PC to power and network. Within a couple business days, we will extract the existing database from your Radio RA2 Main Repeater. After you receive notification that we have successfully extracted the program, simply use the included return label to send back the PC back to us.

We will convert your Radio RA2 database file to a Radio RA3 file. Then, we will load it on to a Radio RA3 processor and send it to you in the mail. At this point, we will schedule a time to make the transition. At your scheduled time, we wil ask you to replace your existing Radio RA2 Main Repeater with the Radio RA3 processor. After about 30 minutes, the upgrade will be complete and the system will be ready to use.


Currently, this upgrade is only available for systems that use a single Radio RA2 Main Repeater that it connected to the network. If the system has multiple Main Repeaters, it is not eligible for this upgrade. This is not to be confused with having multiple aux repeaters. A system may have several Aux repeaters and stil be eligible for the upgrade, but if it has more than Main Repeater then it is not eligble.

Also, if the Main Repeater cannot be connected to the network, or if the RA3 processor cannot permanently be connected to the network, the system is not eligible for this upgrade.

Certain timeclock features and scheduling may not successfully be converted. Some of these special settings may require the purchase of additional programming hours to fully replace.


If you have a Radio RA2 system that still uses the deprecrated Lutron Home Connect app, then upgrading to Radio RA3 will allow you to switch to the modernized Lutron App, available on the Apple and Android app stores.

Going forward, you will be able to add Lutron Sunnata RF dimmers to your system. You can add Sunnata dimmers for brand new loads, or you can replace existing Maestro RF dimmers with the new Sunnata dimmers for the sleeker capactive touch dimming experience.

Also, after have performed this upgrade, you will be eligible for our remote support and programming services. If you need help making adjustments to scenes, scheduels, or anything else on the Radio RA3 platform, we can perform this service remotely.

We can also activate new Sunnata RF devices before shipping them out, require no additional onsite equipment to activate new dimmers.