We already know what you want.

A simple, easy to use home audio system that will play your favorite streaming services anywhere throughout the house. A clean look using discretely placed in-ceiling speakers with a modern aesthetic and no plastic frames.

Clean Look

In-ceiling speakers produce high quality audio while being visually discrete. We use speakers with modern, frameless grilles.

Easy to Use

Simply select some music and then some rooms to play it to. Easy volume control and room groupings.

Whole home audio is not one size fits all. Talk to a true professional who will account for your individual needs when selecting a system.

Common Systems

Classic Volume Controls – $249 / Room

This is as basic as it gets. Control the music with an app, and control volume of each room with an in-wall knob or slider. Simple operation even for the most novice users.

Alexa Based – $349 / Room

Speak voice commands into strategically located Echo Dots. Power the audio outputs to in-ceiling speaker using amplifiers.

Sonos – $699 / Room

The perfect audio system for heavy usage, allowing for individual power, volume, and music control of each room directly from the app.

Mirage – $479 / Room

The Mirage Media System by Autonomic controls is the best system for large applications, especially for those with 8 or more rooms. Updates are not automatic, which makes it great for any usage frequency.

Smart Home Integrated – $489 / Room

Only an option when integrated into a smart home with an automation system. Similar to Mirage, but also capable of routing and controlling volume from TV’s into their respective rooms.

Listed prices are to create a minimally viable system and do not include speakers, wiring, or installation. The prices are simply for comparison of core equipment only. These prices may wildly vary depending on existing infrastructure.