Smart Home Cost

Home automation system cost estimates based on your inputs and common practices, rough estimates, no conversation required. Simply fill out the form below and hit submit.

How much does a home automation system cost?

It’s a tough answer. There’s lots of information regarding the cost of individual products, but if you want a cohesive system that is completely integrated into a single user interface then there’s no one size fits all solution, and therefore no one size fits all price. Estimates must be custom made per client.

To get a rough estimate on your home automation system price, please scroll down to the cost calculator questionaire. We will create a quick estimate for you and return it by email for free. Please keep in mind that the actual price of your smart home system might vary greatly depending on material grade and scope.

For the exact cost of a home automation system on your new build, please use our System Specification Service.

Smart Home Proposal Verification

You may have already gotten proposals from local contractors and need to know if the price is reasonable or if it’s way out of line. We will go over your proposal and offer our opinion on the price and value. If it’s a good deal, we’ll tell you up front. If it’s not a good deal we can give you some explanation as to why. If it’s a good deal we will suggest you go forward with it. If it’s not, we will suggest that you have us document the specification and then send it to multiple contractors to obtain the best home automation system price.

Our Specification Service

Whether you’re looking to get smart home pricing from local integrators, you’re looking to do a complete DIY, or you’re considering our assisted DIY project management service, the more important step in getting a fair home automation price is to specify the system in full before you consider how much it might cost.

Our specification service gives you two documents, a scope of work and a layouts imposed over your prints. You can use these documents to send to many local integrators to compete over, and each will be bidding the same system so that you receive comparable bids all in line with your objectives. Not only that, but we’ll send you a bid of our own to help you contract the job yourself. This is the best way to lower your home automation system cost.