System Specification

We work together to specify the capabilities of your future smart home with layouts and a feature specification.

Use these documents to send to local contractors, to DIY, or to proceed with our project management service.

The Financials

This service costs $750, but we insist that you will get a lot more back in savings. Clients purchasing this service are either using the documents to send out for local bid or to continue with our project management service, which is a form of assisted DIY. If continuing with us, the $500 fee is applied as a payment against your final invoice, making it an inclusive to the overall project.

If you’re looking to obtain bids from local contractors, you are at a great advantage with these documents. There is no need to have hours long conversations with each contractor, you’ve already had it and it’s already been well documented. To get bids, simply email the scope of work and layouts to as many companies as you wish and wait for them to get back to you. When they come back, they will all be identical since each contractor received the same specification. This service makes it easier to obtain multiple bids, and ensures they are identical when received. We argue that this could end up saving many thousands of dollars.