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Send us your architechtural plans and we will return them overlaid with a lighting design. Designs include all recessed lights, adjustables, and wall washers.

Our lighting designers specify the precise location, housing, LED Driver, lense, and trim for every fixture we place on your lighting layouts.

Layouts include all recessed downlights, adjustables, and wall washers. We leave room for you to add your own decorative touches as desired.

Lighting Plans

These are examples of plans our lighting designers have produced.

Architectural Lighting Design Service

In the realm of architectural design, light is more than mere illumination—it is an art form that shapes spaces and accentuates the beauty of structures. Our team of skilled lighting designers stands at the intersection of creativity and technical precision, ready to transform your architectural plans into captivating visual experiences.

Customized Lighting Solutions:

  • Recessed Lights: High quality 2″ and 4″ recessed lights by DMF disappear quietly into ceilings, casting a gentle glow that highlights architectural features without stealing the spotlight.
  • Adjustables: These aimable recessed lights with tailored beam spreads allow us to sculpt the ambiance, directing light precisely where it’s needed—whether it’s a cozy reading nook or an expansive gallery wall.
  • Wall Washers: These gentle luminaires graze textured surfaces, illuminating them in soft radiance, creating depth and drama.
  • Decrative & Dramatic: We leave room for you to add your own centerpiece light fixtures chosen only for their decorative, dramatic, or artistic effect. We will incorporate any personal touches.

Quieter Ceilings:

Conventional lighting systems often rely on larger 5″ or 6″ recessed lights to achieve the desired illumination. However, our designs take a different approach. By utilizing smaller 2″ or 4″ fixtures, we achieve comparable lumen outputs while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. The secret lies in our high-quality LED drivers, which deliver superior brightness and excellent color accuracy.

In addition to smaller fixtures, we also use the smallest trims. We have traditional options that provide a smaller but typical style flat metal flange, but we also have the most modern flangeless options, where the trims provide a mud flange so that the drywallers can finish directly up to the fixture. Either way, the lighting will disappear like you’ve never seen before.

Warm Dimming Magic:

Our secret lies in the DMF Artafex Series LED Drivers. At full brightness they infuse spaces with clarity and vibrancy, featuring a color rendering index (CRI) of nearly 98%, and a soft-white color tempurature of 3000k.

As the light dims, the color tempurature becomes more warm, all the way to 1% dimness where they reach a color tempurature of 1800k. This mirrors the dimming curves of traditional incandescant lighting, which become more warm as they become more dim, almost like a sunet.

Attention to Detail:

Every fixture placement is meticulously curated. Our designers consider not only aesthetics but also functionality. The precise location, housing, LED driver, lens, and trim are chosen with care.

We leave room for your personal touch. Whether it’s a cherished artwork or a statement piece of furniture, our lighting seamlessly integrates with your vision.

Focal Points:

Your home’s unique design elements deserve to shine. Share your plans for artwork, furniture, and cabinetry, and we’ll orchestrate lighting that celebrates your individuality.

For rooms with distinctive ceiling architecture, we use light as a tool to highlight the unique features that you spent so much time on.

Compatibility and Assurance:

All of our prducts harmonize seamlessly with Lutron PRO series dimmers. Whether it’s Radio RA2, Radio RA3, Homeworks QS, or Homeworks QSX systems, our DMF Artafex drivers play in perfect symphony.

The Final Flourish:

Once the design is complete, we don’t stop there. We offer installation guidance, ensuring that every fixture finds its purpose, every room its magic.

In the interplay of light and architecture, we craft moments—subtle, dramatic, and unforgettable. Welcome to a world where every switch becomes a brushstroke, and every room a canvas.

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DMF Lighting

We are able to provide lighting sales and design because of our partnership with DMF. All of our lighting designs are done in collaboration with their design team. We combine our 15 years of experience in lighting control with the industry leading lighting designers at DMF to ensure a final product that is elegant, entergy efficient, and smart home compatible.

As far as the hardware goes, DMF is top notch, but offers a more affordable pricepoint than some of their other competitors.

DMF is the CES 2023 winner of the “Smart Home Mark of Excellence”, and the CEDIA 2022 winner for “Best New Hardware.” They offer an unheard of 10 year warranty on their products, and gauruntee compatibility with every major lighting control system, both local and centralized.

Click here to see the huge range of DMF Artafex lighting. These products can only be purchased through certified dealers, like us.

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