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Future Proof Pre-Wire for Residential AV Systems

Instead of installing Cat 7 or Cat 8 to future proof your network drops, I [...]

Outdoor Speaker Buying Guide

We will be focusing on how to select the best outdoor speakers for your pool [...]

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In Floor Subwoofer Installation – Hidden Subwoofer

An in floor subwoofer is a great way to provide serious bass levels to your [...]


Structured Cabling Wiring Guide – Low Voltage Wiring for Smart Home

This is a guide on how to prewire a house for smart home systems including [...]


Low Voltage Wiring – Whole Home Audio and Surround Sound

This is the second post in a comprehensive series on low voltage wiring and structured [...]


Elan Home Systems Audio Video Control Interface Detailed

The Elan Home Systems media control interface is expansive, but we’ll try to do it [...]


Elan g! Live Home Automation System Demo

I have setup a live Elan g! system in my office for the purpose of [...]

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Mirage Audio System – A Premium Sonos Alternative

This is a follow up article to suggest a Sonos alternative to fill the gaps when the [...]


Niles Auriel DIY Whole Home Audio & Automation

The Niles Auriel, Niles Audio MRC-6430, is a whole home audio controller that integrates with [...]