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$35 Wireless Light Switch – 5 Minutes to Install

A wireless light switch can be mounted on the wall to operate fan lights, pull [...]

Home Automation Ideas for Smart Homes – List of Automatic Events

A true smart home will invoke events both manually and automatically. Manually invoked events are [...]


New HR10 Remote by Elan Home Systems

Elan has newly released the HR10 remote control and will be releasing the HR30 later [...]


Structured Cabling Wiring Guide – Low Voltage Wiring for Smart Home

This is a guide on how to prewire a house for smart home systems including [...]


Low Voltage Wiring – Ethernet Network Jacks & Smart Home Devices

This is the third post in a series on low voltage wiring and structure cabling, [...]

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Low Voltage Wiring – Whole Home Audio and Surround Sound

This is the second post in a comprehensive series on low voltage wiring and structured [...]


Elan Home Systems Audio Video Control Interface Detailed

The Elan Home Systems media control interface is expansive, but we’ll try to do it [...]


Elan G Home Automation – Elan Home Systems Review

This post has been replaced by an updated version for 2020 and the 8.4 core [...]

Designer Lighting – Purpose, Nuances, Control

This post is the first of a series offering commentary and recommendation on implementing designer [...]

Elan g1 Remote & System Controller for Elan g!

The Elan g1 was released as an economical entry point into the Elan g! home [...]


RTI T2X Touch Screen Remote Control Overview

The RTI T2X remote control by Remote Technologies Inc is the one of the flagship remotes [...]

Niles Auriel DIY Whole Home Audio & Automation

The Niles Auriel, Niles Audio MRC-6430, is a whole home audio controller that integrates with [...]

Elan g! Home Automation Overview

Simple • Reliable • ScalableWe value repeatable, predictable results regardless of system size or complexity. [...]

Elan gHR200 Remote Control Features & Demonstration

The Elan gHR200 remote control by Elan Home Systems is the only handheld user interface in [...]