Lighting Design Service for New Construction

In our effort to offer the most complete stack of smart home products and services, we are pleased to announce our newest service offering: Lighting Design Layouts.

For a limited time, we are offering this service for free.

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Our lighting designs focus on elegance, energy efficiency, and smart home compatibilty, in a modern or contemporary styling.

We have partnered with DMF, an award winning light fixture manufacturer that is focused on smart home integration as well as general excellence in lighting design and layouts.

DMF is the CES 2023 winner of the “Smart Home Mark of Excellence”, and the CEDIA 2022 winner for “Best New Hardware.” They offer an unheard of 10 year warranty on their products, and gauruntee compatibility with every major lighting control system, both local and centralized.

Their residential fixtures feature warm dimming from with a natural warmth curve that very closely resembled the warm flow of incandescant lighting, and they maintain a 93+ CRI throughout the curve. They have a wide selection of fixtures, lenses, and trims, allowing them to deliver the right kind of light, to the right locations, in the right style.

When designing layouts, we collaborate directly with the manfucturer, delivering a final product designed by leading industry professionals that is elegant, energy efficient, and smart home compatible.

Here is a list of services that we offer for new construction, or heavily remodeled homes:

Full Scope Design

We take your construction prints that do not yet havy any lighting markup and recommend all of the light fixture types, beam spreads, and trims. Comes with a full photometric study for perceived light values at the floor.

Layout Reviews

We take the existing lighting design from your master electrical plan and review it. We will recommend location adjustments, fixture types, and beam spreads, and trims. If you are stuck with existing locations that cannot be moved, we can omit location adjustments and stick to fixture type, beam spread, and trim recommendations.

Fixture Crossover

We will take your existign lighting schedule and convert it to use DMF products for the best performance, warranty, and smart home compatibility.

For Best Results

The more information you can provide us, the better the outcome will be. At a minimum we require a full set of construction drawings, including floor plans (preferably in CAD format), and reflected ceiling plans. However, we also recommend sending your furniture and art layouts as well, so that we can take that into consideration.

All designs take about 3 weeks and cost $0.30/sq ft.




4 thoughts on “Lighting Design Service for New Construction

  1. Dianne Bugash says:

    I need help deciding what kind of recessed lighting to buy for my new addition. It is already wired to receive recessed lights and my intention was to put in 4″ wide lights and to give an overall glow to the open floor space.

  2. James Babin says:

    What is in installed at this point? If you already have can housings installed then your options are somewhat limited. If you do not have can housings then you have a ton of options, including flangless trims, and other modern concepts.

    As far as the actual light goes, the DID series something 2700-3000k with warm dimming down to 1% would give you the glow you’re looking for.

    I’ll send you an email, talk soon!

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