Somfy Shade Elan Integration


This is an instruction set I made that details the installation requirements to integrate Somfy RTS capable motors with an Elan home automation system. It’s likely similar for other control system, like Control 4 or Crestron, but please consult your dealer.

Somfy Shade Control

Only motors supporting RTS are being considered. If a different product is purchased, the information in this document will not be relevant. I have assumed that wireless control is the only option. If wired control is possible, I have an entirely different recommendation and parts list.

Product Selection:

Both AC and DC products will work the same. The brochure indicates that the product is available with different control interfaces. When ordering, please specify that the units are shipped with RTS control capability.

Control Solution:

Somfy UAI is the best control solution but requires a cat5 cable to each motor. If wiring the motors becomes possible, please disregard this document, and ask advice on a wired configuration.

The best wireless control solution is the Somfy Tahoma. The Tahoma connects to the 2.4gHZ wireless band and has 40 channels available to interface with RTS motors.

It has an optimal RF range of only 23’. Multiple Tahoma will be required to meet range requirements. Each Tahoma requires an AC power connection. See what the Tahoma looks like.

Taking into consider the RF range, the AC power outlet locations, and the aesthetics, please advise on the number of Tahoma that will be required.

Installation Procedure:

The contractor providing the shades will install the shades/motors, test operation, and pair each shade to the Tahoma. The same contractor should program all applicable scenes in the Tahoma, such as all up/down, individual rooms up/down, and work with the design team to create custom scenes for different scenarios.

Once the shades and scenes are configured into the Tahoma app they can be imported into the home automation system. The automation system can control things like scheduling or automated movement based on certain triggers.
Before ordering Tahoma products, please provide one to me so that it can be bench tested.

I will be available on the day of installation to assist wherever possible. Please advise with scheduling.

Parts Required:

Somfy Tahoma – QTY TBD by design team.

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