Builder & Designer Perks

We want to make it easy and profitable for you to work with us on your next project. We have developed a very aggressive profit-sharing program for contractors, designers, and builders.

Referral Commissions:

This is the easiest and most straightforward relationship there is, and it applies to residential and commercial networks, audio/video, control, and surveillance systems.

We work directly with your client, and we cut you a check worth 7.5% of the price paid by the customer. This includes the equipment purchased, so it is usually a sizable amount, typically between $5,000-$10,000 back in your pocket.

This is a very easy arrangement to coordinate. When you are in the process of bidding for a new job, simply tell them you have a highly qualified low voltage guy, and you don’t want to be the middleman.

We will handle everything from start to finish. We will collaborate on a scope of work with your client, send them a flat rate bid (for new construction), and when it’s approved, we will coordinate with you for installation details, which includes scheduling.

To sum it up, we work directly with your client, taking care of everything from start to finish, and in the end, we cut you a check for 7.5% of the total price paid by the customer. We have extremely high customer satisfaction rates, so you can be sure that in the end your customer will thank you for the referral.


If you prefer to control the entire process, we can help with that too. In this relationship you provide us with a scope of work, basically a feature set that you want the customer’s finished system to have.  We will design a system to meet this feature set, give you a flat rate price for (new construction). This constitutes our contract with you, and then you handle your contract with the customer, marking it up however you like.

In this arrangement, you are responsible for all communication with your customer, and we are purely beholden to you (not the client) for all decisions, etc.

We will continue to service and maintain the system after we are done, at which point we recommend that we deal directly with the client. If the service is passed directly through us, we will still refer them to you if they have any questions about the original scope of work.

Our design, your electrician:

This applies to residential and commercial networks, audio/video, and surveillance systems.

This program can work the same as either of the two programs above, the only difference is that you use your own labor (usually an electrician) to pull the wiring. In this arrangement, we will still insist on doing the terminations, hanging any speakers, TVs, or cameras.

You will still earn a 7.5% commission on any product sold.

Prior to beginning work, we will provide you with a set of plans, and a list of wires to pull from point A to point B. After you finish the wiring, we’ll do all the terminations, install the devices, and complete the system programming.

We will be the point of contact for future service, changes, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

Light Fixture Sales & Design:

This applies to new residential construction.

Let us design your lighting layouts. We will do your layouts for only 25 cents per square foot. We will include all the recessed downlights and suggest where chandeliers, sconces, and pendants should be placed. Homeowners and/or interior designers are responsible for choosing their own chandeliers and pendants.

After the final layout is approved, we will also provide a photometric report so that you can be confident you’re delivering the right amount of light in the right places.

All our designs will feature DMF Artafex 4” downlights. You can read more about our lighting design service here.

If we are successful selling the Artafex series downlights, we will credit back the design fee that you paid.

Your commission or markup on the Artafex series downlights is $20/can.

If your customer does not want to move forward with Artafex, but instead wants to move forward with the good, but not premium, H-Series downlights we will still offer commission or markup of $5/can.

Since we are only providing the sale of layouts fixtures you would still be bidding on the installation as you normally do. Please note though, that the DMF product is easier to install because there is no wiring behind the can, it’s all within the can itself and accessible from the floor.

Our lighting design, and the product that we sell is very high end. Your customers will be very pleased with the results.

Lighting Control (Radio RA 3 & Vantage):

This applies to new residential construction.

We will design your Radio RA 3 or Vantage lighting control system at a fee of $9.25/device. The design will include a switching plan, and a device installation report. When it’s time to install, we will give you a printout of each box, which will show which dimmers it contains. Simply staple it up to the studs and your crew should know what to do.

Our lighting control designs are very robust. They commonly feature replacing banks of multiple dimmers with single gang keypads, and we even offer completely panelized lighting systems by Vantage.

You are free to purchase any product directly through your supplier or purchase it through us at a 20% discount from MSRP (to be marked up and billed to your customer).

When the job is complete, we will program the system for you at our standard rate, which is billable to your customer, or we can bill your customer directly. We typically take 5 hours to activate and program a system of 50 devices or less, and 10 hours for a 100-device system.

Most importantly, your customer will be extremely happy with the results.


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