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Our package includes installation assistance and programming to make sure you have the best experience

Elan g1 Controller Package - $799

Elan g1 Package w/ gHR10 Remote - $1198

Product Information:
Elan g1 ControllerElan gHR200 RemoteElan g! System

How it Works

Purchase the Elan g1 system controller with or without the gHR10 remote control. We will then use the Paypal email address to contact you regarding the details of your system so that we may complete the initial programming. After initial programming is complete, we will ship the controller and provide support for installation. After it is installed we will continue programming until until everything is tested and verified operational.

Details You Should Know

The buyer will be responsible for installing the product. Upon purchase, the buyer will consult with a system designer to go over installation requirements. If the buyer is not confident or is at all concerned with installation steps and/or requirements then the buyer can request a full refund before initial programming has been done. After initial programming has been completed all sales are considered final.

The quality of the control will depend on the purchaser’s existing audio and video equipment. During consultation with a system designer, the purchaser will list their existing equipment with manufacturer names and model numbers. The system designer has the right to refuse the sale and refund the purchase amount to the buyer in the event that he determines the system will function poorly. In the event that the system designer predicts nuances or required non standard programming practices the buyer will be advised and granted the option to proceed or be issued a refund.

The equipment will arrive having already been opened for initial programming. Warranty period begins on the date of purchase. All sales are final once the initial programming has been completed. Initial programming will not be completed until the consultation has taken place.

We reserve the right to cancel and refund a sale for any reason, including but not limited to: Lack of inventory, lack of resources, or lack of confidence in the outcome of the installation.

Buyers in Illinois will receive a separate Paypal invoice for Sales Tax. A full refund will be issued if the sales tax is not paid.

Programming Limitation

The Elan g1 packages include basic programming and consultation time. The combined programming and consultation time limit is 2 hours. This is enough to program a single media room for audio/video control, and if the programming is standard, also include integration into some other home automation devices. After everything is tested and verified operation, any remaining programming time will be negated.

All additional programming and consultation time is billed at $125/hr. Typically, most programming changes are completed within 30 minutes. Additional time may be incurred when the buyer requests customization in excess of the initial 2 hours, when the buyer makes changes or additions to the system in the future, or when the initial programming time from the initial purchase has been negated and future additions, changes, or customization are required. Programming and consultation time is paid upfront, and a refund for unused programming time will be issued after it has been completed.