Smart Home Cost

We provide a free ballpark estimate without any conversation or commitment.

How much does a home automation system cost?

It’s a tough answer. There’s lots of information regarding the cost of individual products, but if you want a cohesive system that is completely integrated into a single interface then there’s no one size fits all solution, and therefore no one size fits all price. Estimates must be custom made per client.

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Don’t guess.

Maybe you’ve gotten proposals from local contractors and need to know if the price is reasonable or if it’s way out of line. Take the guess work out of it, and double check their work. We encourage you to send us your proposals so that we can comment on the value of the system. If it’s a good deal, we’ll tell you up front. If it’s not a good deal we can give you detail as to why. Of course, we will always suggest to use our services, but there’s no commitment so you are free to move on to the next contractor.

Free Estimate

Although it’s waived when you sign our contract, our scope of work and executable system design service carries a fee. However, ballpark estimates with details submitted by means of our “System Questionnaire” are entirely free of charge and commitment. Fill out our system questionnaire to obtain a realistic price range of what you should expect to spend. You can do this as a way to verify local contractor honesty, as a way to get an initial price figure, or as a way to explore using our service. After filling out the form, it’s submitted to a system designer who will rapidly respond.